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“Sisu Chemical, LLC is a proven leader in developing breakthrough technology solutions to the chemical and manufacturing industries”

Sisu Chemical, LLC

840 Main Campus Drive

Suite 3580

Raleigh, North Carolina 27606

Tel: (919) 260-5309


A unique company–Dedicated to creating revolutionary products

Sisu Chemical is built on the experience and knowledge of one of the world’s foremost emulsion polymer chemists, David E. Stark.  Mr. Stark founded Sisu Chemical, LLC in 2001 after nearly 30 years in the chemical industry.  His broad knowledge base and creative problem solving have led to solutions that allow his customer’s products perform like never before.  Sisu Chemical, LLC is uniquely structured to develop new and innovative products, helping our customers, and taking chemistry to new levels.


Research and Development

“A lot of companies are cutting back on their research efforts,” says David Stark, President and CEO. “We are one of the few companies willing to work with a customer to develop a new product.”  Sisu is wholly committed to thinking big and solving longstanding problems.

In order to succeed against the largest chemical companies in the world, “You have to have solutions to problems that no one else can achieve.”  Sisu has those solutions.