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Film and foil Coatings and Adhesives

Sisu offers an array of water-based coatings and adhesives applicable to a wide variety of substrates.  Sisu’s SciKote products all have outstanding performance, achieving performance and properties never before seen in other water-based systems.  

Our coatings and adhesives are designed to perform on:

Sisu’s SciKote film coatings are designed to be applied with today’s popular coating machinery, including gravure coaters, knife coaters, and roller coaters.  Each coating has outstanding properties, including weatherability, tack, water-repellency, and compatibility with all inks.  Let us know what your performance requirements are–we likely have a product that is a perfect fit for your specific application.


Concrete Additives and sealants

Sisu’s concrete additives and sealants can greatly improve the properties of your concrete, while adding beauty and shine to aggregate media, such as poured flooring and countertops.  

Laboratory testing has shown:


Sisu’s concrete and building products are designed to significantly improve the longevity and durability of your structures.  Make your creations more beautiful and last longer with Sisu.

Performance Emulsion Polymers

Contact us for more information

Contact us for more information

Water-based Cold-forging Lubricant

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Sisu’s Scibond SL-23 is quickly becoming the gold-standard lubricant of cold forging. Scibond SL-23 is the only alternative to hazardous Zinc-Phosphate based lubricant used in the tube-drawing process, and it is a non-hazardous, water-based system.

Testing at North Carolina State University Mechanical Engineering Laboratories and independent production line trials confirm countless benefits, including:

Scibond SL-23 is a production-ready lubricant, and comes with all necessary rust-inhibitors, biocides and additives to make a smooth and quick transition from Zinc-Phosphate.